Plant, Chop, Mine, Craft & Collect Sunflower Land

Play-to-Own Crypto Farming Game on Polygon.

Launch Dates

April 7th Game launch

100,000 spots open for our Discord users

Mint land NFTs and start farming the SFL token

April 15th Crafting launch

Craft limited items & exchange on Open Sea

May 9th SFL launch

Withdraw SFL and trade on QuickSwap

Farm, Gather & Earn SFL

From the gold you mine, to the sunflower seeds you plant, everything is an identifiable resource on Polygon.

Global Supply and Demand

The more resources that exist, the scarcer they become. Similar to Bitcoin halving, rewards become harder to earn over time.

Secondary markets

Move your collectibles and resources freely between friends and on exchanges.

100+ resources and NFTs

Everything you plant, chop, harvest, mine & craft is a token on Polygon. View on Open Sea

Craft limited items and NFTs

Explore Sunflower Land to collect exotic resources in a race to craft and mint rare items.

Burn what you earn

Burn resources such as wood, stone, gold and iron to craft new items.

Functional NFTs and collectibles

Earn 3x eggs with a chicken coop or grow wheat faster with a scarecrow. No more boring JPEG NFTs!

Community events

Make sure you have enough eggs, beetroots and diamonds stored. Rare items are released frequently. You want to be prepared when the time comes!

The Sunflower Vision

We are on a journey to become the #1 Crypto game that is built ground up by the community.

View our roadmap

Thought Farm

Sunflower Land was built by a team of passionate people who love building community driven projects

Built by over 40+ open source developers and 50+ designers across the globe.

Want to help out? Come join us on Github

Frequently asked questions

How do I play the game?
You will need to set up your MetaMask with the Polygon blockchain. You can find more details here
When Lambo?
Our focus is first building out tractors in Sunflower Land.
Where can I swap the Sunflower Land Token?
Coming soon...
How do I send tokens to my land?
Each land NFT has a unique address on the blockchain you can send resources to. Find out more here

Looking to learn more? Read our litepaper & tokenomics

The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. Thought Farm Pty Ltd does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. The game uses a utility token that is not intended for purchase. The game can be played entirely without the need to purchase any token. Always do your own research